PG SLOT’s latest slot game, Raider Jane’s Crypt of Fortune, with an intriguing Egyptian treasure hunt concept.

High draw rate Additionally, you may play for free on the PGSlotAUTO website.

The Rules of Treasure Hunt Raider Jane’s Slot New Game Treasure Hunt 2021 Raider Jane’s Slot is a slot machine game with an ancient Egyptian treasure quest theme. Led by the intrepid explorer Radergen, who is hunting for a mystery Egyptian crypt in the wide Sahara Desert in hopes of discovering her parents and their immense riches. The Raider Jane’s Slot game is a 6-reel, 3-row slot with an unique row on reels 2-5, Wild and Scatter symbols, and many more special bonuses that help players win rewards quickly and frequently. There is also increased prize money.

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Different Symbols of the Raidergen Slot Game PG SLOT

There are thirteen distinct sorts of symbols in the Raidergen slot game, each with unique qualities, including symbols that aid in play. The icon activates the additional function. in addition to the usual reward icon of the game The game’s significant symbols will be described as follows.

The Scatter sign is a skeleton of a Pharaoh. If 3 Pharaoh Skeleton symbols are gathered, 10 free spins are granted, and each additional Pharaoh Skeleton symbol awards 2 free spins.

The Wild symbol is a Radergen, which has the ability to substitute for other symbols. Except for the Scatter symbol, each Wild symbol will also be designated with a unique multiplier rate.

The Ankh is a symbol with rewards between 10 and 30 times.

The design of a black cat It is a symbol with a payment rate between 10 and 30 times.

a depiction of a chest containing treasure It is a symbol with a payment rate between 10 and 30 times.

golden dagger symbol It is a symbol with a payment rate between 5 and 20 times.

ring symbol It is a symbol with a payment rate between 5 and 20 times.

Canopic jar emblem It is a symbol with a payment rate between 5 and 20 times.

In addition, the Raider Jane’s slot game includes A, K, Q, J card symbols and 10 digits with a decreasing payout rate, as well as SLOT ONLINE terminology that must be understood before to playing.

Raider Jane’s Treasure Vault Free Spins Bonus Capability

Raider Jane’s slot game’s free spins extra feature is activated when three scatter symbols appear on the grid, and 10 free spins are rewarded for further scatters. Two more Free Spins for each Scatter during the Treasure Hunt Free Spins Bonus. Raidergen Slots Wild symbols that have not been used to win remain on the table until the conclusion of the Free Spins feature. This makes it simpler to win prizes and offers larger payouts as well

Free Demo Raider Jane’s Slot Game

At PGSLOTAUTO, the DEMO SLOT PG trial mode enables you to play Raider Jane’s slot games and other PG SLOT slots for free. Simply apply for membership and attempt free play. Each time, you receive 10,000 free trial credits to utilize for learning the game. Test the rewards of various features or use it to determine how to earn from Raiders slot machine games. If you use up all of your trial credits, you may always leave the game and re-enter to regain them. Raider Jane’s slot machine is available for free play 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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You may choose to play either Raider Jane’s Crypt of Fortune or scavenger quest. Raidergen Slots The newest and simplest games that produce money are profitable ones. Simply apply for membership on the PGSLOTAUTO website via the homepage or email information to the staff via LINE@, and you will receive free credits to play all games instantly. Which offers new players a 100% welcome bonus, a deposit promotion of $49, earn $100, and daily free credits. Or other special promotions that will cause the cost of playing Raider Jane’s slot machines to increase daily for all eternity.






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